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Ordinary savings accounts often generate little to no return, losing value to inflation, while traditional investments often lock your money away from you. If you want to start earning real daily returns from your money, our Vaults are the answer. Personalised, flexible, powerful.


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At Cyber Bull, we believe that everyone has the right to financial independence. That’s why we’re making the tools to navigate the markets and grow wealth available to all. No minimum knowledge. No minimum capital.


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Today, your money is either invested and unavailable to spend, or available in a current account where it often generates no return and loses value to inflation. At Cyber Bull, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between earning returns and keeping access.

Cyber Bull

The Cyber Bull Platform

MOBILE APP FEATURES Cyber Bull offers an all-in-one wealth management and payment platform consisting of 5 core features: Dedicated Account, WealthBot, WealthHub, Vault and Wealth Card.
The ecosystem of service providers between these features will allow users to generate passive income and diversify their portfolios with fractional investments into traditional markets, commodities, real Decentralised FInance and Digital Assets. All holdings within the portfolio can then be seamlessly liquidated for payments with the world’s first Wealth Card.

WealthHub Exchange

The WealthHub is a proprietary exchange for users to trade between fiat currencies, digital assets and a range of traditional financial instruments which include fractionalised shares, ETF, and more*. The system is built on a network of technology and brokerage partners for each asset class.
Orders are routed between them in order to execute trades at the best available price and along the best available route on the network. In the modern era of digital processing, retail users have been quick to adopt multicurrency accounts and personal wealth management tools.
WealthHub is the next evolutionary step in digital payments technology and will offer customers many benefits over current systems.


Cyber Bull Platform will launch with a WealthBot for crypto assets, which will be supplemented in future with another solution for traditional securities markets. Both roboadvisor facilities have been produced from a series of trading algorithms via continuous research, development and testing since conception of the Cyber Bull project.
Users can apply these algorithms themselves by depositing funds into the WealthBot feature and defining a risk profile based on the selection of certain satellite assets.


The Wealth Card combines the WealthHub with other Cyber Bull features to eradicate the problematic liquidity of retail investment. Users can make payments directly with invested capital by choosing settings for automated exchange or simply selecting a payment asset in the mobile app.
Preferred exchange settings allow for quick and simple spending with the physical Cyber Bull Wealth Card over the integrated VISA network. The network is used by the vast majority of commercial vendors so Cyber Bull users can spend their invested capital in shops around the world.


The Vault feature is an innovative investment solution and yet another way for Cyber Bull users to autonomously generate earnings from their wealth. Instead of earning variable profits via algorithmic trading from the WealthBot, Users can stake funds in the Vault to access various yields offered by strategic partners.